Co nsultant Faq’s

You'll find answers here!

  • 01. What is the procedure to apply to Amiti Corp?

    At Amiti Corp we are always looking for qualified candidates, to apply send your resume to or visit our Career page.

  • 02. Where can I submit my resume?

    You can upload your resume on our website: Alternatively, you can send your resume to

  • 03.What is the hiring process?

    1. Our recruiter will contact you for initial screening and to check you interest and availability

    2. Account coordinator will contact you to review your skills

    3. Interview with the client.

  • 04. Who can I contact, if I have any specific questions?

    You can talk to Amiti’s HR on (703) 483-3943 or e-mail at

  • 05. Will my resume be sent to potential companies without my knowledge?

    No, your resume will not be submitted to any client without your approval.

Amiti Benefits

AMITI Corp. is committed to provide the best possible services to our clients with the help of a very talented and experienced team of resources.
Our policy is to give our best in providing Best Solutions and Best Services for achieving 100% of Quality and success in the Industry